easy Affiliation Program

Make money with easy Affiliation Program

Without contracts, with no strings attached

With the most easy and simple way

easy Affiliation Program

Increase your income

What is the easy Affiliation Program

Through the program, easy affiliate, you can become direct our partner and earn money in the most easy way!
Refer new users in easy.gr and automatically your own account will be added wth money from the orders these new users will make.
For the first time domain services, hosting & website are used to give you the ooportunity to earn money from "nothing".
Become a partner

Can I join the Affiliate Program and earn money?

Yes. There is no specific commitment or obligation to someone enters the easy Affiliate program.
All you have to think is to be recorded in your affiliate link to as many websites you access,
to continually increase your winnings 3% commission receive any new order.

note: From affiliate program excludes Telephone charges of telephone calls
Enter the link to your website
You can gain money from their purchase
Their purchases' records are in your account
Your visitors are redirected to easy.gr

How to activate and win

Simply place - promote the link that appears in your panel (referral link - click Affiliate) in your website or wherever you have access, eg to Blog, Forum and so on
When a visitor clicks on this link to transfer to easy.gr, then automatically easy.gr recognizes that this visitor has come from your own link.
Thus, once this visitor create a new account easy.gr, automatically becomes ... Your affiliate!

This means that many purchases are made through this account for a period of 1 year after his subscritpion for related product or service provided by the easy.gr, you automatically earn 3% of the net amount of each order.

This amount is automatically added as credits to your account
to use them as you want.

The easiest profit ever!

How do I get started?

It is very easy to start earning from easy Affiliate

Create your own account in easy.gr
Once connected, open the menu that you will find at the top of the screen,
where you indicated your name
Choose the link "Affiliate"
On your screen you will see the exclusive own affiliate link
Make "copy" and "paste" it in on your website, in your email, in your Blog and wherever you want.
That was it. Once someone follow your link and makes orders from easy.gr, you will automatically see your account fills money !!!