The most official and reliable Cookie management system for your website recognized by all bodies with full support of the GDPR regulation!

Core functionality


Automated cookie scan and declaration

Once a month Cookiebot CMP will perform an automated cookie audit by scanning your website for cookies (HTTP/Javascript cookies, HTML5 Local Storage, Flash Local Shared Object, Silverlight Isolated Storage, IndexedDB, ultrasound beacons, pixel tags) and generate a cookie declaration with descriptions on every cookie found on your website.

The declaration is available to your website users as part of the consent dialog details pane and as a separate cookie report.

The cookie report can be published in full on any of your subpages, e.g. as part of your privacy policy, by simply including a javascript-code in the specific page. The declaration also shows the uses current consent state and offers the user the statutory option of changing or withdrawing a consent.

Monitor your cookies by registering one or more subscribers to receive a monthly scan report by e-mail with information on e.g. new and removed cookies.

Cookie-samtykke banner

Cookie consent banner

Cookiebot CMP displays a user friendly, no-nonsense dialog the first time a user visits your website - no matter what page the user first lands on. The configurable dialog informs the user about the use of cookies and asks for consent to set cookies on the user’s web browser, all with minimum impact on the overall user experience. Cookiebot CMP remembers the user’s choice for 12 months after which the banner will automatically pop up to renew the user consent.

All user consents are automatically logged in an anonymized form and using an encrypted key. No Data Processing Agreement (GDPR) is needed. The consent log can be downloaded from the Manager and used for documentation.

The consent mechanism can be configured to comply with current regulations in all EU Member States. If you operate websites in multiple countries, you can set up a configuration for each country.

Cookie Control & JavaScript SDK

With Cookiebot CMP you are in full control of which cookies are set on your website. Instead of leaving it up to your website visitors to opt-in or opt-out at up to several hundred third party cookie providers, Cookiebot CMP offers your visitors a simple, general choice on four types of cookies across all cookie providers.

Cookiebot CMP offers full support of the required prior consent so that only strictly necessary cookies are set before the user consents. Cookiebot CMP can automatically block all first-party and third-party cookies and trackers on your website. Alternatively, you can manually mark up scripts to be held back until the user has consented.

Cookiebot CMP exposes a JavaScript object with a number of public properties, methods, events and callback functions that you can use in your website front-end code to activate scripts individually based on the current user consent state.

The consent state is stored on the user browser as a persistent cookie with a JSON-formatted value that can also be read server side to evaluate the user consent before setting cookies.

In the Cookie Manager you can see on which URL a cookie was first discovered which makes it easy for you to identify the scripts setting cookies.


Cookie repository

Cookiebot CMP maintains a global cookie repository with descriptions of the purpose of commonly used third party cookies.

When Cookiebot CMP identifies a known cookie on your website it uses the information from the knowledge base to describe the purpose of the cookie to your website visitors.

From the global repository Cookiebot CMP creates a local repository after the first scan of your website.

In the local repository you can change any applied description and set purpose descriptions on all cookies identified by the scanner.

On subsequent scans Cookiebot CMP reuses information from the local repository to describe both first and third party cookies.


Bulk consent for multiple domains

If you operate multiple websites from different domains and/or your website operates from several sub-domains, Cookiebot CMP can ask your website visitors for a consent that covers all your domains.

By enabling this option your users will only be prompted for a consent the first time they visit any of your websites.

Auto-detect languages

Support and auto-detect any language

Text in the consent dialog can be customised with an unlimited number of language variants in the browser-based manager. Default text templates in 46 languages are available in the Cookiebot CMP manager. Furthermore, Cookiebot CMP enables automatic language detection to show the consent dialog in the individual website user preferred language.

Geo-targeting i realtid

Real-time geo targeting

If you want to target the collection of consent to visitors from specific countries or regions in the world, Cookiebot CMP can in real-time determine which country the individual user comes from, and display the consent banner only to visitors from the selected countries and regions.

For all other visitors your website will function unchanged.


Cookiebot CMP provides visual statistics on the choices of your website visitors. Also, after each monthly scan, Cookiebot CMP will compile a scan report with details on identified trackers on your website, changes since the previous scan and other details.

From the manager you can configure any number of e-mail recipients to receive the monthly report for one or more domains.

Fast and reliable

Cookiebot CMP operates from the cloud and thereby scales with your needs. The service utilizes the extensive features of the cloud to ensure high availability, like full redundancy, load balancing, automatic capacity scaling, continuous data backup and geo-replication along with a traffic manager for automatic geographical failover on datacenter level disasters.

Encrypted security

Consents are automatically collected through a secured SSL-connection and all consents are stored as strongly encrypted keys.


Easy deployment on your website

Cookiebot CMP is a platform independent cloud service that can be used with any website.

Copy just a few lines of JavaScript code from the Cookiebot CMP manager into your website to show your own cookie consent banner and declaration.

Cookiebot CMP can automatically hold back all first- and third-party cookies and trackers until a consent has been given – no mark-up needed.

Understøtter Modern Type UI

Support of Modern Type user interface

Cookiebot CMP works with both traditional websites and modern single-page applications (SPA), also known as single-page interface (SPI). The Cookiebot CMP API includes designated methods for SPA-developers.

White-list strictly necessary cookies

Some cookies are strictly necessary in order to make your website work correctly. Under the EU Cookie Directive you can set this type of cookie without the user’s prior consent.

In the Cookiebot CMP manager you can classify relevant cookies as necessary so that Cookiebot CMP will not block any strictly necessary cookies.

Cross browser support

The front-end consent collector script works in all leading HTML4 and HTML5 compliant web browsers with support for JavaScript and Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

The Cookiebot CMP manager is optimised for the newest and previous version of the top 6 web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera.

Support of accessibility standards

To accommodate users that use assistive software such as screen readers Cookiebot CMP consent banner supports W3C accessibility standards WCAG 2.0 and WAI-ARIA.

Respects "Do not track" setting

If a user has opted out of tracking by websites in the web browser’s general DNT-settings (Do-Not-Track), Cookiebot CMP does not set the third party cookie "CookieConsentBulkTicket" that enables bulk consent by identifying the user across your websites.

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