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Why WordPress?
Why Easy:WP
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  • 70 million WordPress sites have already risen using Wordpress.
    Is it your website the next one ?

    If you want to create your own WordPress site and host it online, we provide the simplest hosting solution using your domain. No code knowledge needed and the installation process does not hide technical pitfalls. What does this mean in practice? That can easily and quickly upload your WordPress site even if you are not a programmer. Just get in the control panel and with a few clicks create your site by buying the most effective package.

  • Why WordPress?

  • WordPress is a free management of the content of your site and is considered the most popular open source publishing platform system. With your WordPress site can be updated, publishing and administering all content upload. With the dynamic, elegant and standard of WordPress platform you will always have the necessary memory capacity for your site, whether it is a simple diary or a high-level professional site. You do not need to have special training. It has hundreds of sketches that will amaze any user and will impress the search engines! Even if you are a developer, you can have access to useful APIs according to your specific needs. The WordPress has a huge community of users who create content, templates and plug-ins, so always be ready to find this functional look that you are looking for.
  • Why easy:WP

Only in easy: WP (WordPress Managed Service) have so many ready features that solve your hands and make you feel safety and creativity. Forget about the backup, the hackers, damaged pages, DDoS attacks, the "infected" messages, SPAM and pay attention only to  development of your website at every level. For everything else we have already taken care of and we have created the most automated Wordpress management system ever. Our experience and our technical infrastructure Server are the necessary ingredients of the success of your website. And if we have not already convinced you need and even more, then keep reading. With 160+ ready-built blueprints of Easy: WP, would not know what to choose first to start now and all the unique acquisition and management experience of a professional website with so little money!
  • Easy site migration & setup
    Easy site migration & setup
  • DDoS & intrusion protection
    Stay calm and enjoy the 100% operation of my website
  • Easy Antispam
    Free of viruses and spam. Enjoy the most pure correspondence ever.
  • 24/7 support
    The expert of Easy support group is close to you everything you need
  • Automatic WP core updates
    ΐτη Automatic upgrades of the Wordpress core and the components you are always updated
  • 30-day backup & restore
    Unique automatic backup feature that keeps your backups up to 30 days back to be safe ... every day!

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170+ professional layouts ready to choose

Create your unique WordPress site with one click. No code knowledge needed and the installation process does not hide technical pitfalls. What does this mean in practice? That can easily and quickly upload your WordPress site even if you are not a programmer. Simply select the theme you prefer, add it to the basket and with one click create the professional website you always wanted! All the layouts are Retin Ready and full responsive for best view in every kind of PC, Laptop, tablet and smartphone

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6months subscription
63,43 (10,57month)
1 year subscription
124,05 (10,34month)
2 years subscription
239,64 (9,99month)
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CDN (Content delivery network)

You have corruptions because of the huge number of visits ? You need more speed and more power? Do not worry at all. Get the CDN service, with 120+ service points (POPs) and the only potential way to optimize the resources that you need. Choose the monthly traffic and leave ... on us. They run their own.
Total Active Points of Presence (POPs)
Automatic Failover
Advanced Website Acceleration
Quick Purge
100% Guaranteed Uptime
Multiple Active CDN Providers
Performance Based Routing
Secure Shared SSL