Ultimate speed with SSD HDDs


32 years of experience, at your disposal.
The best value / quality price ever!

  • Best for WordPress & Woocommerce
  • Safe warranty with SSL, AntiDoS & Antivirus
  • Auto online incremental backup
  • Online Sitebuilder tool
  • Full 24 hours tech support
  • EasyAntispam Service
  • Unlimited Functionality
  • Quick and Easy upgrade

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Δωρεάν domain με κάθε νέο πακέτο φιλοξενίας

Choose any hosting package that suits your needs and we will give you your domain for free!

With each annual package you can register a .SHOP or a .ME Domain for FREE, while in the packages lasting 2 years, we give you your .GR completely FREE!

In addition, you can take advantage of our other current offers to secure your Website with the most reliable and branded SSL accreditation of SECTIGO for only 10.80€/year.

    Keep your backup safe
    With EasyBackup you are always safe. We make sure you automatically keep up to 7 copies of your cloud Server website data. In addition you can see everything and online from the special management that we provide for browsing the files. Encryption technology and incremental backup are the most powerful tools for the security and reliability of your backup.

    The service is included FREE on all Managed Hosting packages.
    Keep you mail clean and safe
    No more spam email. With EasyAntispam we... "clean" all your mail and now you have your mail free from malicious & misleading email while your outgoing mail will never end up in the "SPAM" folder. With the special management you have complete control and monitoring of all the traffic of all your email accounts

    The service is included FREE on all Managed Hosting packages.
    Secure your site using you own SSL
    With the 2048bit SSL encryption guarantee you are sure that all the data from your website is securely transferred. Do not worry about using credit card modules in your online shop. Download your mail safely and make your website "Google Friendly" in accordance with international safety standards.

    Your SSL Key is FREE for all Managed Hosting packages.
    Check your website status with 24h Monitoring
    The pioneering Website monitoring service of Easy.gr monitors 24 hours a year the uninterrupted operation of your Website on the Internet. With Europlanet's multiple checkpoints, you can be sure that all services are burdensome and are working properly. Be aware of any downtime and downtime.

    The service is included FREE on all Managed Hosting packages
    Protect your site from Malware and Virus
    With the internationally renowned antivirus (VirusDIE), you can be sure that the content of your website will always be "clean" and free from all sorts of malicious software. It does not matter which CMS you have chosen (Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress, and so on). Check every file you upload or set up automatic scans to stay ... calm!

    The service is included FREE on all Managed Hosting packages.
    Design you site within 1 minute
    Create your own website in the easiest, simpler and fastest way. You do not have to know designer or developer. Through the browser and from any computer you can choose the artwork that suits you among the hundreds of ready-made ones you find in the management and install within a minute. So easy, nowhere else.

    The service is included FREE only at Deluxe package.
Support Packet included
Support Prime
Support Ticketing Service
Support Chat system
09:00 - 17:00
Support via Phone
09:00 - 17:00
SMS for SOS Support
Response Time
1 - 12 hours
Ticket Priority
Advisory Services
Settings for security and automatic procedures for CMS
eg. WP, Joomla, Prestashop, Magento etc
Full Backup to offsite location
Diagnostic check
€30 / incident
Restore on other server
ETA of restore into other Server
15 minutes
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