Have a local number in any country.

Local Phone Numbers in Greece and more than 4.000 cities worldwide.
No contracts, no commitments

Unlimited communication, without having to sign any contracts!

  • Local numbers

    in all cities around the world, 211 for Athens, 231 for Thessaloniki, 2 for Sofia, 203 for London, 1 for Paris, 91 for Madrid and more.
  • No contracts

    no commitments or accounts, no telephony fee and no complicated telephony packages.
  • Online updating

    24-hour online access to all information and services (balance, calls, voicemail, Fax, SMS, etc.)
  • Online payments

    Paypal, Credit card, Bank transfer, Western Union. Instant activation with no hidden and no reconnection fees.
Local and international calls without the use of a computer, without roaming costs and with excellent sound quality.
For the first time in Greece, a free global telephony system which allows you to communicate with the whole world, anywhere on Earth, since you can get a local number anywhere, irrespective of your physical permanent location.

Use entirely free of charge features and advanced services, unprecedented in telephony. Get your own virtual office anywhere in the world. Travel freely and make international calls without roaming costs!

Enjoy the incredible, professional-level audio quality. Forget what you knew so far about telephony and discover the most qualitative and inexpensive communication ever.

The most inexpensive, easy way to make and receive local and international calls!
Learn how now.

  • Make calls with VoIP phone devices that meet all necessary quality standards set by the easy.gr service. Connect them to your network, log in to your account and register the unique manufacturer’s number on each device

    Grandstream. ready to use. look the recommended devices.
    SIP Τηλέφωνο
  • Now you can receive and make calls from your Android or iPhone device by downloading one of the service-compatible applications . If you have another type of phone you cannot make calls with Sonetel.  You can however still receive incoming calls on your Sonetel phone numbers, since this can be done without the use of any app.

    Εφαρμογές τρίτων κατασκευαστών για iPhone
    Groundwire by Acrobits

    Εφαρμογές τρίτων κατασκευαστών για Ανδριοδ
    Sonetel Android phone. Support IP telephony and Call thru/back services
  • Convert any digital phone to a ready-to-use phone device, using one of the following recommended converters. Converters allow making and receiving IP calls using a regular phone

    Linksys ATA (3102)
  • Download the free available applications for Windows and OS X, and make calls through your computer. The dialing process through a computer requires an active internet access, as well as speakers-microphone.

    3CX. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows.
    EyeBeam. Παλαιότερο softphone που μπορείς να αγοράσετε. Από την ίδια εταιρία που κάνει X-lite.
    SJ phone. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows, Mac και Linux.X-lite. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows και Mac.
    Zoiper Classic. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows, Mac και Linux.

    SJ phone. Δωρεάν softphone για Mac, Windows και Linux.
    X-lite(προτεινόμενο). Δωρεάν softphone για Windows/Mac.
    Zoiper Classic. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows, Mac και Linux.

    Ekiga. Δωρεάν softphone για Linux.
    Linphone. Δωρεάν softphone για Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone και Blackberry.
    Zoiper Classic. Δωρεάν softphone για Windows, Mac και Linux.
  • If you have already installed an application for Android or Smartphone, the process is done automatically. Otherwise, follow the manual way:

    • Call a local number from the list of Sonetel.
    • Please type the distinctive you received via e-mail after registration
    • Enter the international number you wish to call.

    Every user has an own speed dial list with 2 digit numbers. Each time a visitor requests that made call to a new call destination via Call Thru, automatically generated by the system, a new 2-digit number and added to the "short list" user numbers. The next time the user wants to call the same destination, simply calls the specified 2-digit number.

    A copy of the "short list" of numbers sent via email to the user every time it is updated with new 2 digit numbers.

    If a user wishes to erase a two-digit number from the list, just dial ** 2-digit number # (for example 12 ** #) through the Call Thru.


    • The cost of a local call to fixed which is payable to your ISP
    • The low cost international calls from your local number Sonetel to the number you choose (from 0.01 Euro / min or Free).

    If the country that you are is not in the list above, then you can call via a SIPBroker.

    In this case proceed as follows:

    • call the access number from the list SIPBroker
    • During the message, press * 0114646
    • Wait a few seconds (5-10) and connect to the system Call Thru . During this time you will not hear a signal or a waiting music.
    • Keep on  calling with the above instructions regarding the  Call Thru procedure

    When you visit another country where the service Call Thru is available, you can save considerable cost of making calls at home or in other countries using the service Call Thru.

    To continue to receive calls on your mobile Greek, follow these steps:

    • Before you go out outside the borders of Greece, triggered a transfer call from your mobile to the fixed number you Sonetel typing on your mobile phone a certain number of symbols. (contacted your service provider to find out how)
    • Once you reach your destination in the new country, buy a local prepaid SIM card of the mobile phone of this country.
    • Connect with the first opportunity in your Sonetel to the system account and activated the transfer of your fixed dialing number Sonetel the new mobile number of the card you just bought.
    • That way you receive direct your incoming calls s calls someone to the fixed number you Sonetel your calls in your areas your mobile number fields directly to the Greek calls airthmo new prepaid of that country.
    • This approach ensures that you are always available!

    The cost for the above No Roaming service is:
    • The cost of the transfer to the local number Sonetel (the cost of a local call) paid to the mobile operator. (use the free call time to landlines of your package)
    • The low cost international calls from your local number Sonetel to the mobile number of the country you are (0.01 Euro per minute).

    • Algeria +213983201245
    • Argentina +541152391365
    • Australia +61280155253
    • Austria +43720881478
    • Bahrain +97316199849
    • Belgium +3225880224
    • Brazil +551139584965
    • Bulgaria +35924917079
    • Canada +14388002487
    • Chile +56229381813
    • Cyprus +35722022673
    • Czech republic +420228880644
    • Denmark +4569960351
    • Dominican Republic +18296072144
    • El Salvador +50321133872
    • Estonia +3726680353
    • Finland +358942599586
    • France +33975180800
    • Georgia+995706777314
    • Greece +302111980803
    • Hong Kong +85258083139
    • Ireland +353766801021
    • Israel +97237630192
    • Italy +390699367705
    • Japan +81345782199
    • Latvia +37166163204
    • Liechtenstein +4233769219
    • Lithuania +37052140248
    • Luxembourg +35220881159
    • Malta +35627780148
    • Mexico +525511689661
    • Netherlands +31208084552
    • New Zealand +6499250321
    • Panama +5078365956
    • Peru +5117059739
    • Poland +48223970440
    • Portugal +351308801568
    • Puerto Rico +17879317232
    • Romania +40318142237
    • Russia +74999184251
    • Singapore +6531582682
    • Slovakia +421233215517
    • Slovenia +38618888395
    • South Africa +27105008759
    • Spain +34911231747
    • Sweden +46852506065
    • Switzerland +41225180134
    • Ukraine +380443607309
    • United Kingdom +442033182922
    • United States +12026815905
  • How do I use call back:
    Choose the option Call Back from settings menu.
    Do normally dial the number you want in the world using the full
    prefix eg 0030 2106147370
    Immediately after the application is received the number, the line will be closed and will inform how the
    Call Back is ongoing.
    The system will call you back and just pick up, it will automatically dials the number
    you had selected. Once this number then answer will pair the two lines
    and begin your conversation

    Benefits With Call Back are: Pay easy via your account for both local calls (the call on your mobile + the call to the destination country). If you have a prepaid SIM card, this means that you can make calls without having to consume no credit on the SIM card. It operates worldwide.

4 ways of use to prevent high call charges

I will be abroad
for 1 month.
I am going to be abroad for a month.
How can I be reached without having to change my phone number?
And without Roaming costs!

You will buy a fixed easy Greek number.
You will forward calls made to your mobile and your fixed number to the fixed easy number.
Buy a simple pay-as-you-go Sim card from the country you are visiting.
Log in to your account from an internet café or a WiFi HotSpot and forward your easy number received calls to the pay-as-you-go number.

To make calls from your easy number, use the Call Thru service to either dial manually or automatically through the Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc. applications*2, a specific*3 local number of the country you are located in and, right after that, type in the telephone number of the user you would like to speak to.

Follow the recorded instructions to access your easy number (using the country prefix e.g. 0030) and make calls at the local rate or absolutely free of charge.

Using the Premium subscritption by paying 9.95€/m, the calls to local numbers is free and
the call to mobile costs 0.02€/minute!
    Number  fee = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
    Number free = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
I travel frequently.
I am a business representative.
I travel frequently.I am a business representative.

How can I communicate with all countries, wherever I am?
Purchase four (4) easy local telephone numbers, one for each country.
At the country you are visiting, you will buy a simple pay-as-you-go Sim card.
Incoming calls: Enter your pay-as-you-go number in Sonetel’s call forwarding tab. Calls received from all countries will be automatically forwarded to your mobile phone without Roaming costs, while callers will be charged for a local call, based on their country’s rates.

Outgoing calls: With the Call Thru service, you can call either by dialing manually or via the appropriate Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc. applications*2, a specific number to each country you are visiting. Follow the recorded instructions to access the phone number of your country of choice. Roaming charges do not apply for calls made from your personal phone number. You are either charged with the cost of a local call or the call is totally free of charge if you are subscribed to the Premium service
    Number  fee = €11,00
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €20,95
    Number free = €11,00
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €20,95
I talk to
my children
I talk to my children abroad!
How can we communicate?

Buy a fixed easy Greek number to use in England.
Buy a simple, English pay-as-you-go Sim card.
Log in to your account from an internet café or a WiFi HotSpot and forward your easy number received calls to the pay-as-you-go number.

To make calls from your easy number, use the Call Thru service to manually or automatically dial a specific*2 number for England through the Android, Windows Mobile, iPhone, etc. applications*1, and right after that key in the telephone number of the user you would like to speak to.
Follow the recorded instructions to access your easy number (using the country prefix e.g. 0030) and make calls at the local rate or absolutely free of charge.

With the Premium service at 9.95€ per month, you can call local numbers for FREE, while calling mobile phone numbers costs from ONLY 0,022€ per minute!
    Number  fee = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
    Number free = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
I'm a professional.
I want to reduce
communication costs
I'm a professional. I want to reduce communication costs
Buy a fixed easy Greek number for office use.
Each number can handle up to 30 calls simultaneously.
Record your own greeting message.

Through the "interactive voice response (IVR)" service you can create a virtual call centre so that those who call you can key in the number of the respective department.

Activate the Premium*1 service at 7.95€/month for free local calls and ultra-low rates for calls to mobile phones! (0.02€ per minute)

Make calls from your mobile phone*2 using your easy number for lower rates, free calls AND so that the call recipients can see the number of your office.
Register your mobile number in the call forwarding tab of your account in order to receive calls even when you are not in the office.
    Number  fee = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
    Number free = €3,90
    Subscription Premium = €9,95
    TOTAL = €13,85
Get the number you like within 1 minute

Phone numbers in 55 cities throughout Greece!

Communication conveniences... beyond your imagination!

  • interactive voice response (IVR)

    An entire call centre is ready to serve the needs of both small and large companies. Interactive voice response, autoresponder, voice guidance for designated departments, voicemail, call forwarding and a choice between 10 languages ​​(Greek, English, Arabic, Spanish, etc.) are some of the innovations brought to you by this global telephony.

  • Local calls ALL OVER THE WORLD

    Get a phone number of the city where your friends, relatives and associates live. This way, they can call you at a local rate, not having to pay exorbitant amounts for international or long distance calls. They do not even have to have an Internet connection, a computer, Skype, nor any other special application! They simply lift the handle of their fixed phone device and call you!

  • Multiple Phone Numbers

    Buy and use more than one telephone number on the same device and account. Create, thus, your own global virtual call center, for example, with numbers from as many countries in the world as you wish, which will be answered by one telephone device or by a group of devices designated by you.

  • No roaming (call thru)

    On every trip you make, take with you not only your mobile phone, but also your local phone number. Using Sonetel’s global network and Call Thru service you no longer need to use Roaming, since you can make calls from your mobile phone using your Local number as if you were... home. Just remember to put a new sim card of the country in which you are located in your mobile phone.

  • Multi chat

    Unlimited, absolutely free simultaneous conversations with all your associates around the world using the call conference service, provided that they have also subscribed to the service. Anyone from any place in the world can subscribe.

  • Automatic transfer

    Automatically transfer calls to designated phones or users. Check all incoming calls and transfer them automatically to a designated user or to another phone number, or transfer a call internally, from one user to another.

  • Call waiting

    Even when you are talking, new incoming calls are not missed. A discreet sound informs you about the new incoming call which you can answer by automatically placing the first call on hold"""

  • Do not disturb service

    Use this service to avoid answering calls, by indicating that you are busy". Calls are automatically redirected to another phone or to your personal mailbox informing the caller with the message you have already recorded.

  • Calling Line Identification Restriction (CLIR)

    Make anonymous calls, using the number blocking service. This way, the Unknown" indication appears on the call recipient’s phone screen"

  • Video calls

    If the phone device permits it, talk with any subscriber you want using the video call, absolutely for free. You may even organise a Video Conference in the simplest and fastest way.

  • WiFi calls

    Use any available wireless Internet network you can find wherever you are in the world and make calls absolutely for free to all service subscribers or at the minimum rate -depending on your plan- to subscribers of other networks

  • Voicemail to email

    Unlimited voice mailboxes that you can use while away, to organise all departments of your company (e.g. sales department, accounting department) or assign personal, separate mailboxes to each one of your employees. Messages are automatically converted into audio and forwarded to each account’s email

  • fax to your email

    Convert any local number you wish in any city in the world to an automated electronic Fax, in order to receive all necessary documents of your business. Fax is automatically converted to pdf and forwarded to your account’s email

  • sms to your email

    Use your phone number to receive SMS the same way you do with your favourite mobile device. SMS are automatically transferred to your account’s email (this service is not available to all countries)

  • management through the WEB

    Full management of all services through your account online and in real time. Every change you make is executed immediately without having to wait for any kind of human manual action.

  • Plug & Play

    The modern technology of this global telephony allows you to connect even your old analog device directly to the Internet or to your digital Grandstream device of choice and have your own local phone number within two minutes! Computer use is not necessary. However, if you wish you can make and receive phone calls even through your PC, Laptop or iMac.

  • Multiple devices

    Connect more than one device with your number and choose for them to ring all together. With this service you can even connect your mobile so that it rings on each incoming call along with all other fixed phone devices.

  • Programming a group of devices

    Never miss a call. Set the order in which your devices will ring, as well as the waiting time to get an answer from each device, before the call is transferred to the next one.

  • Travel connection

    Take your phone device (analog or digital) with you and simply connect it to the Internet network you will find at your place of stay. You thus get access to all services and your phone operates as if you were home or at your office.

  • Number portability

    You can transfer your phone number from another telephony network to our system, so that you can enjoy all our services.

  • calls through the computer

    Download the free relevant applications available for Windows & OS X and make calls through your computer instead of calling through your phone device. The dialing process through a computer requires an active Internet access, as well as speakers-microphone.

Regular or premium;
Comparison of subscriptions
Price per user/month for subscription
Calls to local and mobile phones
according to Pricelist
Incoming calls
according to Pricelist
Voice Responder
€0,01 per call
€0,01 per fax
€0,01 per SMS
Premium package contains:
FREE 2500 minutes calls to mobiles & landlines , FREE 2.500 minutes Conference calls, FREE 10,000  minutes Incoming calls on Sonetel phone numbers, FREE 1.000 Voice response calls, FREE 1.000 Fax-to-email faxes, FREE 1.000 SMS-to-email

The above numbers are multiplied with the total number of users in your Sonetel account. If you add users during a month, you will be charged an additional fee for the added user for the remainder of the month. Incoming call minutes on Sonetel numbers are only free on local phone numbers and national numbers. Toll free numbers do not include free minutes. The service is intended for normal individual business use and may not be used for telemarketing or mass-calling activities or any other unintended usage. Each user may only make one call at a time and max 8 hours of calls per day. Sonetel Premium may not be used if you are connecting a PBX such as Asterisk to the Easy.gr Telephony Service. Extra charges: Easy.gr reserves the right to charge extra for usage beyond the allowed usage levels and for usage that does not comply with the intended type of use at the following rates; International calls: €0.022 per minute, Incoming calls on Sonetel numbers: €0.022 per minute. €0.022 per Fax-to-email and €0.022 per SMS-to-email. Easy.gr reserves the right to adjust these terms. Please note that incoming calls to numbers with a higher per minute cost for incoming calls – such as Toll free numbers, numbers in China and Honolulu, USA – are not free with Premium.
Realtime call calculator per minute
Call cost
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