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Περιεχόμενο Σχεδιασμός
Marketing tools
Εργαλεία SEO
International markets
Purchase order management
Shipping Solutions
Plug-ins & Shop
  • Content & Design

    • Direct drag-and-drop editing

      You will never feel confined and trapped in a boring design. You will be able to transfer and process the entire website design with the simple Live-Edit Drag and Drop option.

    • CMS copywriter

      Take advantage of the innovative CMS system (Content Management System) and seamlessly edit texts, upload pictures and create new webpages for your store at your own convenience.

  • Directory

    • Unlimited quantities of products and categories

      Why have limits, when you can have everything? With EasyShop by Presta you can have as many products and categories as you want.

    • Features and combinations

      How many combinations can you think of? Create countless combinations of your ready-for-sale product features.

    • Products to download

      Except from material products, EasyShop by Presta gives you the opportunity to sell intangible goods, such as music, pictures, movies or even TV shows!

    • Pictures

      Pictures are essential for product promotion and marketing. And this is exactly why we are providing you with the most advanced tool that enables your customers to see every little detail of your products.

  • Marketing tools

    • Recent products

      Give your customers the opportunity to revisit all recent products and remind them of their interests.

    • Coupons: in the form of a sum, of a percentage or towards shipping costs

      Keep your customers happy with various coupons and vouchers. Make it interesting by offering percentage discounts, price reductions, free shipping and handling, and many more.

    • Loyalty programme

      Reward and retain your customers by offering loyalty points with every purchase. Returning customers may use their points for discounts and special offers –always created by you.

    • Referral programme

      Spread your fame with a customised referral programme. Reward the customers that advertise your store with discounts and gifts.

    • Automatic mass emails and purchase reminders

      It has never been easier to come directly into contact with your customers. With the automatic mass emails we created, you can inform your clientèle about your current discounts, send lists with popular and new products, etc. You may also remind them about any pending purchases or wish lists and urge them to complete the transaction.

  • SEO Tools

    • Customisable friendly URLs

      Create customised links to guide your customers directly towards selected products. You may automatically insert keywords in those links through the Back Office.

    • Google SiteMap

      Activate Google reports and track your website daily, by installing Google Sitemap in EasyShop by Presta. Increase your reports and gain an advantage over the competition.

    • Shape your website with meta fields

      Meta-tags, titles, descriptions and keywords are essential for a successful SEO campaign. Configure them quickly and easily, add, remove and change the meta fields for better results and Google rankings.

  • International markets

    • Countless translations

      Even though EasyShop by Presta comes with 41 built-in languages, with the translation tool you can add any language you want; from English to Chinese! Go international with just a click.

    • World currency

      From Japanese Yen to British Pounds, take advantage of the Localization package and receive payments from customers all over the world.

    • International taxes and regulations

      Avoid the hassle of taxes and obligations. We can automatically calculate your country’s taxes, in accordance with the current laws and legislation. The only thing you have to do is concentrate on your sales.

  • Purchase order management

    • Flexible purchase order management

      Handle and categorise your orders with the innovative system Order Status. Create automatic emails addressed to your customers, for payment, preparation, shipping and delivery of your products.

    • Invoices

      Each order must be accompanied by an invoice. We made it easier for you to organise, create, process and print the invoices for your customers.

    • Connect with your customers

      Take advantage of a direct channel of communication with all your customers. Now they can send you messages for orders, shipping, payments, or even a simple thank you. You can seamlessly manage all these messages through the Customer Service Center from the Back Office.

  • Shipping Solutions

    • Flexible shipping charges

      Calculate shipping costs based either on the product price, or on its weight. Categorise each carrier based on prices, in order to provide your customers with the lower shipping costs.

    • International shipping

      Offer your customers flexible shipping and handling solutions. With numerous system default postal service providers, you can send your products anywhere in the world.

  • Payment

    • Countless payment options

      Each customer prefers a different payment method. From local to international customers, PrestaShop enables you to accept every payment method. Take a look at PrestaStore for additional payment methods.

    • PayPal, MoneyBookers, Hipay, Google Wallet and many more

      Most payment methods are pre-installed in PrestaBoz and include: Hipay, MoneyBookers, Google Wallet, Kwixo, Ogone, DIBS, and weXpay. You may select additional payment modules from our PrestaStore, including: Atos, CM-CIC, BNP Paribas, Société Générale, La Caixa, Banque Populaire, Caisse d’Epargne, Natixis.

  • Additional

    • Front-office features

      EasyShop by Presta offers a wide range of choices that enrich the design of your e-shop: You can add a blog to your eCommerce website thanks to WordPress Sync, and improve customer navigation with Rich Menu.

    • Merchandising

      You now have incredible choices that will allow you to increase your sales, including: personal sales, coupons for friends and fans on Facebook, etc.

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