Spread your business’s horizons.

Select the plan that suits you in free and powerful Unix operating system (Linux, Ubundu, Fedora, Centos, etc.) and become a hosting services reseller under the guarantee, safety and support of easy.gr.

At easy.gr, Web Hosting services are designed to meet the unique challenge you are faced with when you decide to create or manage anything from a simple website to special, state-of-the-art web applications that require hosting on one or multiple Dedicated Servers.

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Additional features package:
  • Support Wap pages
  • Antispam in all POP3 via Easy:Antispam (with extra charge)
  • Log Manager (NEW!)
  • Online Filemanager
  • Backup/Restore Manager via Easy:Backup
  • FronPage Administration
  • Password Protected Directories Manager
  • Antivirus in all POP3 (with extra charge)
  • Error Documents Manager (NEW!)
  • Installing most famous applications
  • με λίγα μόνο click (Joomla,Wordpress, κ.ο.κ.).
  • Full compatibility with all popular applications customer management, online sales, blog, news that etc.
Account features:
  • Domain Name
    The hosting plans offered by Easy support domain names with all TLD even Greek characters. To activate the hosting package is not required to transfer the domain name to our company. After activation of your hosting account is sufficient to register the domain name to the appropriate name servers.
  • Unlimited Domain Alias
    By activating domain alias you can connect as many domain names you want at the same website. This way your website is accessible from multiple domain name.
    (the number of the Domain Alias depends on the hosting package)
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
    Register as many domains as you wish and redirect them to your main domain. (the number of the parked domains depends on the hosting package)
  • Backup
    Each user of our services is the ability to run the daily backup through the Easy:Backup service. The service requires extra charge. For security reasons easy maintains weekly backup to a different Data Center. The use of the Easy's backup of another DC requires extra charge depending on the case.
  • DNS Management (MX records, Cname, κτλ)
    Through Plesk Control Panel you have the possibility to change the DNS records of your domain name. That you can modify the A, MX, CNAME, ... records in order to "show" on any server.
Supported technologies:
  • PHP 7.x
    All servers of Easy supports the latest version of PHP (v.7). The PHP is a programming language used to create dynamic content and retrieve information from databases.
  • XML
    H XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language that contains a set of rules for encoding electronic texts and data description.
  • Perl 5.8
    Perl is a popular object-oriented programming language used to create dynamic content.
  • Java Script
    JavaScript is a programming language, which aims to generate dynamic content and client-side code execution on websites.
  • Your own CGI-BIN
    The CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is a method of extending the functionality of the web server with the ability to execute programs or scripts for a variety of activities including, among other forms of communication.
  • FastCGI
    The FastCGI is a protocol for the interactive interface of a program with a web server. The FastCGI is a variation of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).
  • .htaccess
    Through the file. Htaccess you can set various parameters for your hosting package. For example you can set parameters php, specify error pages, protect with passwords specific folders etc.
  • Mod_Rewrite
    With Mod_Rewrite to change the url that appears when someone visits your domain or another page.
  • Zend Guard Loader
    The Zend Guard Loader is an application through which you run encoded scripts.
management Tools:
  • Control panel: Plesk, Cpanel, ISPmanager
    Through the panel of your choice you can create / edit the e-mail account, your databases MySQL, domain aliases, etc.
  • File Manager
    The File Manager is an on-line tool for managing files on your website. Through this you can edit, delete, and modify online access permissions for files or folders.
  • Easy Configuration Backup/Restore
    With just a few click you can get a full backup of your website and to proceed directly to restore a single file or a complete website. The service runs as a separate service under the
    https://easy.gr/website/backup and it's provided for free of charge only for the Managed Hosting Packages
  • Custom Error
    Through this option you can create custom error pages instead of the default "404 File Not Found".
  • Protection Pages Codes
    You can "protect" certain folders with username and password.
  • MySQL GUI Management
    In all hosting plans provided through Easy is installed phpMyAdmin. The phpMyAdmin is a powerful database management tool your data. Through this you can create, edit and delete MySQL databases.
  • Log Manager
    The log file you can see a list of all requests to your website. Through the management tool of your logs you can specify the frequency recycling and delete them.
Website Logs and Statistics:
  • AwStats
    The AwStats enables you to view detailed statistics concerning the traffic of your website. For example, number of visits, pageviews, time the day on which your website was the most visited, what are the most popular pages, which pages generate errors and remote sites that have a link to your own etc.
  • Webalizer
    Webalizer allows you to view detailed statistics concerning the traffic of your website. For example, number of visits, page views, which are the most popular pages, etc.
  • Error Logs
    Through error logs you can see if some error pages you produce and what are those errors.
Server features:
  • Dual or Quad Core Processor Servers
    All new Easy servers using the latest technology processors (Dual or Quad Core processor) so fully exploit their available resources greater reliability and speed.
  • 99,99% Server Uptime
    We guarantee a 99,99% uptime of our servers.
Email Features:
  • Email accounts (POP3 / IMAP):
    Together with each hosting package that is provided through our company, we give you a certain number of e-mail account that you can use to send and receive e-mails through mail client such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or via webmail.

  • Web-based Email:
    Through the webmail service you can send, receive, read and reply to emails via the browser from anywhere on the planet.
  • Unlimited E-mail forwarding
    You can promote your emails. I.e you can set the forwarding of e-mails that will be sent to info@my-domain.gr at something@my-other-domain.gr.
  • Catch-all Email
    Through this option you can still receive and emails sent to non-existing email addresses without having to create them.
  • Email Αliases
    Creating email alias you enable a Mailbox to add additional e-mail addresses.
  • Email Autoresponders
    The autoresponders send automatic replies to all incoming emails sent to a specific e-mails.
Network Features:
  • Tier 1 network connectivity
  • Log Servers on the network
  • Firewalls
  • 100% network availability Guarantee
multimedia features:
  • Silverlight Support
    Silverlight is a Microsoft application for construction applications.
  • Υποστήριξη Shockwave & Flash
    Οι servers της Superweb υποστηρίζουν Adobe's Flash.
  • Midi support
    The servers of easy support Midi files for your website.
  • Real Audio & Video Support
    Through easy servers you can connect your website with a Video / Audio streaming server.
  • Custom MIME Types
    With MIME types you can specify how to manage a web server a file.
  • 100% network availability Guarantee
    We guarantee 100% uptime on our network.
  • Fixed price guarantee
    We guarantee that the cost of the packages does not increase and the price remains stable for as long as this package lasts even though the regional program prices are rising during this period.
  • 99,99% Server Uptime
    We guarantee a 99,99% uptime of our servers.
  • Guaranteed security for your transactions
    All on-line transactions are made directly to the system of the collaborating bank and not the web site easy.gr.
  • 24hours monitoring
    All our server checked with 24-hour monitoring for immediate repair of any defects in order for you to enjoy our guaranteed uptime