Seamless collaboration Remote Access and Sync Secure File Sharing
  • Unlimited space for your files, unlimited space on your desk
    • Save, share and manage your files from anywhere and safely. The time when you can have your office online and manage all your documents and files in your own personal space in the cloud is here.
    • Forget Files Servers, USB Sticks and email sharing. Now you can share as many files as you want through Spacefiles in the Cloud.
    • Follow all the requirements of your electronic invoicing for access to the documents online.
    • Secure access to your files and create your own user groups to share everything online from anywhere in the world.
    • Move your entire office to Spacefiles and feel safe and secure having access to your files anytime, anywhere.
    • Enter the new era of managing and accessing your data so that you can continue your work with any medium (pc, mobile, tablet, etc.) and from anywhere in the world.
    • Connect the spacefiles to your computer and extend the capacity of your hard disk drive
    • Get the package you want now based on the space you need and the number of users you want to work with and start today the electronic online management of your data.
  • Remote Access and Sync made easy!
    • Grant access to data and share files with co-workers and partners outside the company.
    • Utilize Clients for Windows, Android, MacOS, and iOS.
    • Saved files are auto-updated across your team.
    • Access, sync and back up any file or folder.
    • Receive instant notifications when files or folders are changed.
  • Secure file sharing capability
    • Access your files securely with Spacefiles web, desktop and mobile clients.
    • Enable corporate users to share sensitive data with others on our highly secure platform.
    • Share files or folders with public link, with option to set an expiry date and password.
    • Securely work on projects and transfer unlimited file sizes.
    • Never lose a file version as Spacefiles saves up to 999 changed editions of a single file.
    • Manage shares and receive permission to view and manage shares made by others.
  • Seamless collaboration.
    • Work and collaborate with internal and external users from anywhere.
    • Customize Spacefiles Content Collaboration Platform for entire organization, SBUs, committees, working groups, teams etc.
    • Securely store and share any file type or format on devices and in the cloud.
  • Integration
    • Spacefiles integrates with existing Active Directory which allows users to use Spacefiles with their AD credentials.
    • Spacefiles supports multiple AD servers, mixed Domain Active Directory (Hosted AD), and Single Sign-On (SSO) using SAML / AD/ LDAPS.
    • Integrate seamlessly with Office 365 on PCs and mobile client apps.
    • Open, edit or save files to Spacefiles from Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the web, iOS and Android.
  • Full-fledged Administrator controls
    • Manage users/groups, sharing policy and settings on web browsers and mobile apps.
    • Gain a unique overview on any user’s activities.
    • Retain inventory of all connected devices.
    • Block remote devices or remotely wipe data on lost devices.
    • Detect editing collisions, and lock or unlock any file for editing.
    • Generate reports on shares, folders and files.
    • Enhance productivity while securing company files and folders using a unified and integrated portal.
    • Enable users and admins to manage file access across multiple entities without switching accounts.
    • Set up the number of file versions that are stored in the cloud.
    • Control users’ ability to create additional users and shares in the system.
  • Security and Compliance
    • Ensure that your data is stored securely with robust, highly secure, industry-leading encryption (AES 256-bit).
    • Ensure secure data access with Two-Factor-Authentication for user log in.
    • Recover files after Ransomware attack.
    • Keep files out of the wrong hands with remote wipe of files from any device.
    • Comply with regulations as Spacefiles supports GDPR for private, hybrid and public clouds.
    • Uphold users’ rights to view company data and activity logs in XML files.
    • Guarantee users’ explicit knowledge and control over where data is stored.
  • Branding.
    • Fully rebrand any Spacefiles client application with your company logo, custom colors, backgrounds, email templates, and domain name.
    • Spacefiles web clients to meet your aesthetic visions, professional look and desired brand experience.
    • Apply customizable terms of service that aligns with your corporate policy.
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