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  • Through its long experience in the field of domain registration, developed a module for registering .gr names for the WHMCS system.Holding the required expertise in registering domains, invites you to cooperate and shares accumulated knowledge, offering you the following options.

    •  All .gr, .eu, .com domain name registrations
    •  Domain name transfer
    •  Domain name servers display
    •  Domain name servers change
    •  Domain name renewal
    •  Domain name renewal during grace period (15 days after expiration)
    •  Contact details display
    •  Contact details modification
    •  Name server (DNS ZONE) registration
    •  Name server (DNS ZONE) modification
    •  Name server (DNS ZONE) deletion
  • As a WHMCS administrator, you will be able to track and edit all of your customers' orders, the appearance of the management environment that your customers see, the services provided and their pricing, as well as many other features that WHMCS offers. Europlanet and are not mentioned or presented anywhere since all the software runs on your own Server or on your own Website, thus maintaining the confidentiality of our professional collaboration. Installing the module requires PHP5 + Ioncube decoder.

Billing function


Send high-quality invoices and receipts to your clients. PDF files are attached to each relevant email sent via WHMCS, including invoice updates and payment reminders, so that your clients will not need to visit your site in order to be updated. Moreover, invoices are fully customisable thanks to a wide range of templates

  • Multiple currencies: The multitude of currency options allows you to issue invoices and charge clients in any currency you want, all at the same time.

  • Bids/proposals: You can send bids to clients and in case they accept, the bids can be converted to invoices with just a click.

  • VAT Support: Possibility to use a tax system or intra-community exemption such as VAT on each product.

  • Recurring payments You can set the automatic execution time of a recurring payment for specific services or set once some payments for individual services that do not require renewal

Many embedded payment channels

With over 75 payment channels as a default in WHMCS, you can choose the way that suits you best. Use all options simultaneously and benefit from a completely automated processing of payments, confirmations or refunds. Now the payment system is easier than ever.

  • Credits system: Give your customers the opportunity to put money in their account that they can use whenever they need it, such as for renewal, upgrade and so on.

  • Auto-reminders: to remind clients of unpaid debts and balances and warn them about an eventual discontinuing of cooperation

  • Support system with emails: Manage all your clients’ requests through the integrated technical support platform

  • Overdue payments: Define overdue payment rules so that additional charges are automatically applied to invoices of clients that do not pay on time

Reports & statistics

  • Transactions The transactions record of WHMCS tracks every payment and allows you to see all amounts deposited into your account today/ this month / this year

  • Revenue forecasts: WHMCS creates revenue forecasts for current products/services, so that you keep on the right track

  • Charts: Charts allow you to easily translate statistics and data such as orders, income, etc.

  • Export: Export clients’ information, products, etc. in CSV format and use them in other applications

  • "Pie charts" Statistical "pie" charts allow easy and quick comparison of large data

  • Bulk invoices Invoice piles allow you to create and download a group of invoices to print or send to clients.

  • Printing All reports are also available in printable format in case you want to transfer them.

  • Detailed record Detailed records of all activities of the system, your staff or your customers enable you to refer back to any transaction


WHMCS is sold with a great modern look. But sometimes you may want to apply it to your existing site. With a fully customizable client area and the ability to insert your own code, you can apply WHMCS to the pages of your existing site, fully or partially.

  • Customisable environment: A customisable client view allows you to fully configure WHMCS by adding, editing and removing what clients see

  • Multilingual: Multiple languages ​​with 10 available translations to start with, bestow your website and ordering system a truly global feel.

  • CSS use: CSS use makes it easy for you to configure and integrate WHMCS into your existing website and its colour scheme

  • Eight order templates: WHMCS comes preloaded with eight order templates, offering you different styles to choose from, while you can also make yours

  • Auxiliary applications: Widget/auxiliary applications for you to add client login forms, product information, prices, etc. on your website

  • Advanced login options: Advanced login options enable you to directly log in to WHMCS and to specific products, languages, currencies, etc.

Embedded Support Tools

  • News: News is a blog which allows you to communicate your latest news and updates on your website

  • Support system with emails: Manage all your clients’ requests through the integrated technical support platform

  • Social networks: Social network (facebook and twitter) integration allows users’ suggestions and comments on your announcements

  • Email filtering Allows you to automatically generate technical support requests via incoming mail

  • Knowledge base: The knowledge base allows you to provide answers to frequently asked questions and issues so as to significantly reduce the workload of the support department.

  • Attachments: The technical support system allows users to send attachments such as images, PDF, Word texts, etc.

  • Downloads: The download system allows you to make documents available exclusively to clients and monitor downloads.

  • Technical support rules It allows you to send automatic responses to your customers' technical requests, define procedures in the event of a late response, etc.

  • Customer support departments: The level system allows you to set levels in each section separately.

  • Network status: The Network Status tool provides you with a page dedicated to informing clients about scheduled tasks in your network

  • Bidding/pre-order form: The bidding/pre-order form furnishes potential clients with a quick and easy way to contact you