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Unlimited space for your files, unlimited space on your desk Save, share and manage your files from anywhere and safely. The time when you can have your office in your personal space in the cloud is here.

Secure File Sharing Save, share and manage your files from anywhere and safely using public link, expiration date and password.
Seamless collaboration Collaborate with clients, suppliers and employees by any means without the constraints of the physical office.
Remote Access and Sync Save time and access all your documents in your Cloud space via PC, Mac, Web, Mobile, etc. with absolute security.
myeasyManage easily and quickly
all services wherever you are!
All-in-one Controlpanel
We have continuously conceived and developed a Controlpanel, a single platform that you can easily and simply acquire and manage all the services and network products related to Domain, Hosting, Website and Telephony.
  • New Design
  • Speed and Flexibility
  • Complete history of movements
  • Dashboard
  • Multiple Invoicing
  • Multiple discount levels
  • Secure account management

Why work with easy;

  • You work with the first official Registrar.
    ΕΕΤΤ: 3353/12-02-04
  • We are the best user's choice for domain, hosting, website & telephony services
  • Earn money using coupons, discounts, affilaitors
  • NEW!
    You control everything using the best and innovative  controlpanel ever!
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