Dedicated Hosting

Customized, dedicated power.

Owned Servers in the world's fastest networks (GR-IX, OVH, OTE, COGENT) located at
the most powerful Datacenter in Greece & Europe are always ready to serve you as
manager and your visitors wherever and whenever you need it.




HDD Size

min. HDD count

CPU benchmark


All countries
Greece GR-IX
DC Location
Price ascending
Price descending
  • GR-IX-Server-612a
    60,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 1 x XEON E5-2620-V2 - 6C/12T
    • (CPU-B 2.1 GHz)
    • 1x 120 GB
    • SSD
    • 24 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Max3
    80,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2x Xeon E5420 (8C/8T)
    • (CPU-B 2.50 GHz)
    • 1x 60 GB
    • SSD
    • 8 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Max4
    90,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2x Xeon L5420 (8C/8T)
    • (CPU-B 2.50 GHz)
    • 2x 480 GB
    • SSD
    • 16 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Ultra7a
    109,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2 x Xeon E-5645 (8C/16T)
    • (CPU-B 2.40 GHz)
    • 2x 500 GB
    • SSD
    • 24 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Ultra9
    129,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2 x Xeon E-5620 (8C/16T)
    • (CPU-B 2.40 GHz)
    • 1x 1TB SSD + 1 x 2TB GB
    • SSD
    • 24 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Ultra8a
    177,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2 x Xeon E5620 (8C/16T)
    • (CPU-B 2.26 GHz)
    • 2x 240 GB
    • SSD
    • 32 GB
    • SSD
  • GR-IX-Server-Ultra64DS2
    180,00 / month
    Fixed price
    • 2 x Xeon E5-2630v3 - 12C/24T 3.2 GHz
    • (CPU-B 64200)
    • 1x 2 TB SSD, 1 x 2 TB GB
    • SSD
    • 64 DDR4 GB
    • SSD
      Setup fee: 150,00
Connectivity: The Servers at Germany are connected with Dedicated 1000Mbps line, at France & Canada with Dedicated 250Mbps line and at Greece with Shared 1000Mbps direct to GR-IX. The Traffic is unmetered based on the terms and conditions of good use.

Support Plans:
The shown prices of support plans are valid for orders longer than 3 months.

= CPU benchmark result, for better comparison of the performance of the various processors. Red.PS = redundant power supply | SSD = Solid State Drive | SAS = Serial Attached SCSI Drive | HWR = Hardware-RAID | iNIC = Intel NIC | ECC = ECC RAM | Ent.HDD = Enterprise HDD | KVM = KVM-over-IP | GPU = Graphics Processing Unit
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    2 years €86,40
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Mange your Dedicated server with the Contropanel you prefer!
Access, Sync and Share Your Data, Under Your Control!

ownCloud is a self-hosted file sync and share server. It provides access to your data through a web interface, sync clients or WebDAV while providing a platform to view, sync and share across devices easily — all under your control. ownCloud’s open architecture is extensible via a simple but powerful API for applications and plugins and it works with any storage.

Learn everything at the official vendor's website:
New in ownCloud Server
Improved Design
Pictures Becomes Gallery
Notifications and Deletions
ownCloud Features
Mobile and Desktop Syncing
Share With Anybody
External Storage
Encryption and Security
Versioning and Undelete
Activity Feed
Calendars and Contacts
Collaborative Editing
Mobile and Desktop Syncing
Play Music, Watch Movies, Store Passwords
Application Store
ISPmanager lets you easily manage your server and maintain websites.
It provides a great mix of professional functionality and usability at the affordable pricing,
which makes it the most cost-effective choice among all control panels.
Main Features
FTP accounts
create and manage FTP accounts
Domain names
manage Domain Name System (DNS)
World Wide Web
WWW domains
manage all domains belonging to WWW server
manage URL redirects
Error pages
create an automatic error page to give a professional look for your website
MIME types
create and manage MIME types that informs the browser about how to handle file extensions
WWW Logs
view WWW server log files
Protecting a directory
enable password protection to limit your web site pages access
SSL certificates
enables secure SSL access and manage your server keys
Perl modules
install and use additional Perl modules
configure mailboxes on the system using single web interface
E-Mail groups
create and manage mail groups.
E-Mail redirects
create mail redirects and redirect email easily from one address to another
E-mail auto-responders
set automatic answers for email accounts, create auto-responders and vacation messages
Mail domains
manage mail domains settings
Mailing lists
create and manage mail lists
set up White lists in greylisting
Management Tools
File manager
access all files on server`s file system
manage multiple MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, users, access permissions, etc
Scheduler (cron)
customize the scheduler job tasks
Support center
trouble ticket system guarantees your customers personalized 24x7 professional support.
Web scripts
install popular web-scripts on the server
Backup archives
manage created backups
Backup plans
various plans can be created to perform a backup of the server data
Import user
move a user data between ISPmanager based servers
Usage statistics
track resources allocated to the server
Disk usage
monitor disk space occupied
monitor traffic on a per date and per service basis
Other Settings
manage server IP-addresses
Logs rotation
manage log files rotation of a WWW server and process the statistics collected
manage favourites items to facilitate using the control panel
Control panel settings
customize the ISPmanager interface
Extra Applications
software tool ideal for managing MySQL databases
web-based administration utility for a PostgreSQL database server
web-based interface for accessing email, receiving and sending email messages
switch to the ISPmanager documentation page
view video-tutorials to learn how to work in the ISPmanager modules
Maximum Number of Domains Allowed
1-Unlimited (based on license)
cPanel & WHM
ISPmanager control panel makes site management a piece of cake. Empower your customers and offer them the ability to administer every facet of their website using simple, point-and-click software.
WHM saves you time and money by automating and streamlining tedious server management tasks, all while keeping your customers happy. You can even customize the control panel to match your company branding.
Service Provider Management
Reseller Management
Subscriptions management
Account Management (up to 5)
User Interface
Power User
Custom Management
Maximum Number of Domains Allowed
1-Unlimited (based on license)
Plesk Editions
The three new Plesk  editions are designed to help infrastructure providers create targeted solutions for web administrators, application developers, web professionals, and hosting service providers.
Each edition simplifies core web management activities to align with the way infrastructure is being used for hosting websites and web applications today.
Plesk also includes a tightly integrated set of mass-management and security tools that can be used to profit from the growing demand for WordPress hosting.
All editions have added built-in server-to-site security, leading to more reliable infrastructure and reduced support costs.
Web Admin
Web Pro
Web Host
Service Provider Management
Reseller Management
Subscriptions management
Account Management
User Interface
Power User
Custom Management
User Features
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Plesk Mobile Manager
Security Features
Security Core
ServerShield™ by CloudFlare
Outbound Antispam
Maximum Number of Domains Allowed
1-Unlimited (based on license)
- included - available as add-on
Plesk 12 Add-ons
WordPress Toolkit
Developer Pack
Email Antivirus
Language Pack
Power Pack Bundle
  • All Servers include:
    • 24-hour technical support via Helpdesk
    • Telephone support during working hours
    • Full root access
    • Maximum uptime without having to share "your system’s resources"
    • Free unlimited reboots.
    • Website performance monitoring software
    • Software Firewall
    • Unmetered traffic
  • All Servers include:
    • Unlimited domains’ management
    • Domain Backup/Restore
    • Antispam Control SpamAssassin
    • Custom buttons management
    • 6 pre-installed skins"""
    • Restart/Shutdown Remotely
    • Back-Up/Restore via Controlpanel
    • Free data transfer from an already existing system with Plesk, Cpanel software, etc. to your new Server
  • Fully Managed Service:
    • 24ωρo uptime monitoring με δυνατότητα Reboot.
      Η τεχνική ομάδα του ελέγχει συνεχώς όλες τις λειτουργίες του Server. Ετσι δεν χρειάζεται να ανησυχείς αν σταμάτησε πχ ο Apache ή ο Mailer αφού η επαναφορά τους θα γίνεται αυτόματα. Log αρχεία καταγράφουν συνεχώς κάθε μη τυπική δραστηριότητα ώστε να λαμβάνεις ενημέρωση για κάθε τί που συμβαίνει στον Server σου (ισχύει μόνο με την ενεργοποίηση του Monitoring)
    • 100% Plesk problem management and solving
    • Installing of RPMs, CPAN Modules and upgrades of the programmes used, if there are no special applications.
    • Installing of Controlpanel service packs, when necessary
    • Upgrading of the Controlpanel, when necessary