Cloud Space

Keep your files online and access them anywhere. Fast and secure!

  • Unlimited use

  • Absolute security

  • Guaranteed access

  • For the first time in Greece, presents and offers the Domain Cloud Space service. Now you can have a storage space on the internet that is entirely yours, utilising Cloud technology on our private Servers. You can use this space as an extra remote hard disk.

  • This space may be connected to your personal computer, whether it is a Mac or Windows or it is running a Linux or Windows operating system. Connection is achieved with user name and password unique keys, generated specifically for each order.

  • In Domain Cloud Space you may transfer and store personal files. You may execute Online programmes and applications as if they were stored on your local disk. And, lastly, you may edit Online files of all your favourite office applications such as MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Pdf, etc.

  • Feel the sense of absolute security when it comes to your data and forget the painful Backup/Restore procedures. The servers utilising the Domain Cloud Space service are supported by Cloud technology allowing you access to your data simultaneously from anywhere and from any electronic device with internet connection, your access not being compromised by any physical damage incurred upon the Servers.

  • File transfer remains exactly as you know it, i.e. through Drag & Drop in Windows Explorer or through Copy/Paste.

Domain Cloud Space Features

  • Cloud Space
    €1,18 discount 15%
    3 months €3,25
    6 months €6,35
    1 year €12,42
    2 years €24,00

    Disk Space (SSD)



    up to 10MBps

    Number of Folders


    Data Transfer

    Unmetered GBs/μήνα

    Λογαριασμοί FTP


    Number of files


  • Additional Cloud Servers’features 

    Simultaneous access potential
    Firewall Protection
    Disaster Recovery
    24x7 system Server monitoring
    Ticketing support system

Each additional GB costs 0.80€/month. Net prices exclusive of 24% VAT.

  • Automatic recovery architecture

    All Servers supporting those specific packages operate under special network topology (Cloud) with multiple hard drives. Therefore, in case a disc is damaged, its operation is automatically resumed by the next one. Even if an entire real Server sustains significant damage, then almost automatically its operation is taken over by another Server duplicating (mirroring) the original one. Thus, there is almost zero recovery time.

  • 24-hour Monitoring

    The entire Cloud structure and all Servers are controlled and monitored 24 hours a day by our technical department. All services are monitored by special applications recording even the slightest deviation from normal operating conditions and sending an SMS & email prompting immediate human intervention where automatic damage repair is not possible.

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