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ai helperThe unique AI Assistant είναι εδώ για να σε βοηθήσει με τις προτάσεις του!
Γράψε για παράδειγμα: κατάστημα με αντρικά ρούχα ή shoes for children.
  • .GR€2,00 το 1ο έτος
  • .COM€13,90 /έτος
  • .SHOP€3,99 /έτος
  • .SITE€5,99 /έτος

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MANAGE your ACCOUNT! Controlpanel account for simple, smart and secure management!
econtrolpanel A powerful server is not enough!
You want it to be accompanied by a "powerful" control panel to make it easy for you to manage domains, hosting, SSL and all other services (2fa security, invoices, contacts, automatic domain renewals, SMS updates, and much more).
The easycontrol is the evolution of the personalized account control panel and is exclusively available from easy for you, accessible 24 hours a day!. Easy, smart but also completely secure with ssl key & double access security (2FA sign-in).

With easycontrol everything is in your hands! For us, speed, safety and convenience are given!
  • Mass functions
  • Complete history of movements
  • Multiple billing contacts
  • Affiliate & Discounts
  • SMS updates
  • Compatible with iCal & Excel
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SSL 1024bit Security & 2-way access control


With continuous research, training and investment in human resources, we have been ahead of every technological development for 30 years, setting an example even for the competition. Pioneers with National and International certifications, we remain close to you as the 1st .GR registrar and the only certified Greek .COM registrar by ICANN and we continue to offer you the quality, reliability and professionalism you need.

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    You have the confidence of the 1st official registrar in GREECE.  ΕΕΤΤ: 3353/12-02-04


    We are the only purely Greek company with international ICANN certification. ID No:4037


    You control everything using the best and innovative  controlpanel ever!


    You enjoy exemplary support from our technical staff with 30 years of experience.


    You earn money with returns, affiliate, badge discounts and coupons, google, b2b etc