Ένα Controlpanel, μία ενιαία πλατφόρμα με την οποία μπορείς εύκολα και απλά να αποκτήσεις και να διαχειριστείς όλες τις υπηρεσίες και τα δικτυακά προϊόντα που αφορούν στο Domain, το Ηosting, το Website και την Τηλεφωνία.

  • New modern design
  • Speed and flexibility
  • Full history report
  • Dashboard
  • Invoice in different contacts
  • Multiple discount levels
  • Ασφαλής διαχείριση λογαριασμού

Automation and amenities

The new controlpanel… is EASY!

With 20 years experience in managing Hosting Service & Domain, we managed to create something completely unique, innovative and at the same time easy to use ... the easy.gr!
A Controlpanel, with which you can now easily and simply manage all services and network products related to the Domain, the Website, the Hosting and Telephony.
Email hosting, Web hosting, Domain name registration, Free services, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Audio & Video streaming, Managed Wordpress, Antispam, CDN, Dedicated IP hosting, SSL keys, Voip Telephony

With technology and design philosophy which was the standard of many other registers that followed the easy.gr is a real work tool that literally solves your hands, with the convenience and functionality.

The safety and expandability of  easy.gr in office applications transform it to a professional partner in any kind of online service designed to simplify your 'e' life, giving you the assurance of security and stability.

With dozens of new services, automatic functions, rapid processes, organizational structures, coupons and discounts the easy.gr is the favorite "corner" of your personal office!

At easy, with the new unique services... you are always winning!

  • Σελίδα "Υπό κατασκευή"

    Directly activate your domain by displaying a web page under construction.
  • Mail Forwarding

    With this service you can automatically transfer all your domain’s correspondence to another main email, thereby connecting as many email accounts as you want.

    Secure your Domain from any malicious actions, hacker attacks, etc. The service is activated through the Controlpanel.
  • Site Preview

    With this service you can see how your website will appear to users through preview images.
  • GB Cloud Space

    Your exclusive Cloud space to be used as storage or backup space.
  • Domain forwarding

    With this service you can direct your domain to another page.
  • FAX Online

    Use the Easy Fax service to send faxes through your account from anywhere and from any smart phone without having to use a FAX machine.
  • Domain For Sale

    With this service you can directly activate a web page at your domain, indicating that it is for sale"."
  • Κουπόνι B2B

    You will receive a 5% refund of the total amount of purchases to be made with this coupon.
  • Marketplace

    Put your domain up for sale in the biggest online domain market and... start bargaining"."
  • Control Panel

    With one account in a unified management system manage all your services reliably, fast and Easy.
  • Site Builder

    Create and design your own website by choosing among hundreds of ready-made templates without having to be an expert.
  • SMS Alert

    Receive free notifications on your mobile phone regarding your domains renewal time, without having to take tons of notes.
  • DNS

    Manage all DNS registrations of the domain and connect it to your blog, your server, your mailer, etc.
  • Whois extra info

    Display the data of your choice for your domain, such as the logo, phone numbers and addresses every time someone is searching for it at the Whois tool.
  • Domain Privacy

    Use the Anonymity service and hide all the of your domain΄s contact information.
  • Ελεγχος εγκυρότητας

    Easy will check whether the data you provide comply with the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission’s registration regulations for .GR domain extensions
  • Monitoring

    Check how your web hosting functions 24 hours a day and be the first to receive an SMS notification in case of a downtime or malfunction.
  • Joomla Hosting + 10 Templates

    Create your own website and change it whenever you want by choosing between 10 ready-made templates based on the Joomla platform.
  • Website Security

    Protect your website from attacks by malicious users or automated robots with the advanced CDN + Security service.
  • Website Performance

    Increase your website's service speed without buying extra Servers by using the global CDN with 30+ POPS.
  • Easy RankingCoach

    Make your website appear among the first search engine results with simple steps and tips without having to pay the... experts
  • Wordpress Hosting + 10 Templates

    Create your own website and change it whenever you want by choosing between 10 ready-made templates based on the Wordpress platform
  • Webmarket Experts

    Are you a professional? Indicate your abilities and services you provide, create your web page and enter the biggest online directory for Internet services.
  • Website 2 Mobile

    Convert your existing website into a mobile version so that it can be viewed and properly accessible from any smartphone device, ipad, etc.