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A range of the biggest and most powerful Datacentersaround the world in conjunction with brand name Servers,constitutes an absolute guarantee for the successful,stable and reliable hosting of your site.

Our network

The most stable lines and the best networks worldwide have chosen as our permanent partners, in order to more stable and reliable Hosting service you have ever known. See all the characteristics of each Data Center separately to be able to choose to host your site. Known Server, credible national and international Data Centers, fast networks, management systems with high security, continuous upgrades and 24 hour service, guarantee for your success on the internet. Make today the right choice, come to and acquired one of the most comprehensive web hosting market packages. Check the communication speed directly from your provider with our dynamic tool Speed ​​Test, you will find next to the items of each Data Center.

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  • Connection/Network:
    • Outgoing and incoming Data traffic through Tata Communications (formerly Teleglobe)
    • Peer1
    • TorIX
    • Level 3
    • Deutsche Telekom
    • Videotron
    • Cogent
  • Main Features:
    • Biomeasurement sensors
    • Security cameras
    • Safe access
    • Energy regulation and management systems
    • Diesel Generators
    • Air conditioning systems
  • Efficiency and Reliability
    • Congestion-free network
    • Network capacities > 50Gbps
    • More than 8300m2
  • Connection/Network:
    The network has multiple fiber-optic gigabit connections. Due to the multiple connections and the spare emergency battery and power generator, and thanks to a climate-controlled environment and 24-hour, 365 days a year monitoring, our servers work perfectly.The structure of the network ranks among the top in the world. Connections ranging from OC192, OC48 and 10GigE (10.000 Mbps) form communication rings with the main distributors (Routers).
    Efficiency and Reliability:
    The Servers are monitored on a daily basis and any potential problem is resolved immediately. Regular maintenance controls are constantly performed to ensure that everything works properly.Spare parts, such as hard drives, power supplies and memories are on standby in the unlikely event of a failure. Also, there is always extra RAM in case you need to do some upgrading.
  • Main Features:
    • Direct connection through multiple gigabit connections
    • Safe environment
    • Spare emergency battery and generator
    • Environment with controlled climate conditions
    • 24-hour, 365 days a year interface control and server monitoring
  • Security Features:
    • Security access with biometric means control
    • Video surveillance
    • Guarding by personnel
    • Air conditioning with spare modules
  • Datacenter features
    • High-speed access
    • Ideal temperature, humidity and static electricity conditions
    • Use of high bandwidth
    • Equipment for continuous modules with a total power of 2400KVA
    • Absolute-precision modules for environmental control with a total cooling capacity of 1200KW
  • Datacenter security
    • Uninterrupted power supply
    • Fire protection system for fire detection
    • High-standard fire extinguishing
    • Reliable and continuous systems operation
    • Physical access control systems
    • 24x7x365 monitoring
  • See the Advantages
    • Fully and specially equipped space
    • Ideal environmental conditions for hosting network equipment and computer systems
    • Operation monitoring for the equipment and the computer systems
    • Network access through the access technologies provided by the Hellenic Telecommunications Organisation (OTE)
    • Ethernet/ Fast Ethernet network access to the internet
    • Easy access and flexibility
  • Operation stability due to multiple online backup systems:
    • 80 Gbit/s DE-CIX
    • 30 Gbit/s Noris Network
    • 30 Gbit/s Deutsche Telekom (German Telecom)
    • 20 Gbit/s Init7
    • 20 Gbit/s Level3
    • 20 Gbit/s KPN
    • 10 Gbit/s LambdaNet
    • 10 Gbit/s Global Crossing
    • 10 Gbit/s Aixit
    • 10 Gbit/s N-IX
    • 10 Gbit/s AMS-IX
  • Power supply features:
    • AC: 230V, 16A
    • Redundant UPS facilities
    • Battery mode: approx. 15 minutes
    • Diesel Generators
    • Power supply is effected by a raised floor system
  • Climate control
    • Energy efficient direct free cooling (DC 10)
    • N+2 redundancy (DC 10)
    • Cool Aisle Containment (DC 10)
    • Underfloor cooling systems
    • Monitoring of air temperature
    Fire protection
    • Modern, early-warning system with direct connection to the local fire department
    • Special door-locking system
    • Camera for 24/7 monitoring of entrances and rooms where Servers operate
  • OVH buildings OVH Datacenters
    • RBX-1
    • RBX-2
    • RBX-3
    • RBX-4
    • RBX-5
    • SBG-1
    • SBG-2
    • GRA-1
    • BHS-1
    • BHS-2
  • Operation stability due to multiple online backup systems:
    To guarantee high speed, high quality bandwidth and low latency time, OVH has chosen to deploy its own global fibre optic network. The network is managed using DWDM devices and is currently being migrated to 100G coherent technology, offering you to a total capacity of 3 Tbps to the worldwide web.
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  • Power supply features:
    • Systematic double power supply
    • 250 kVA per UPS device
    • Generators with an initial autonomy of 48 hrs
    • Minimum of 2 network connections to and within the datacentre, 2 network rooms capable of taking over from one another
  • Climate control
    • 98% of OVH hosting rooms are free from air conditioning
    • The Water cooling enables 70% of heat emitted by the processors to be dispersed
    • Air cooling evacuates the remaining 30%
    • Energy costs halved
    • PUE of between 1 and 1.2: constant reduction of datacentre energy consumption
  • Βραβεία / Διαπιστεύσεις
    OVH is committed to a global certification strategy so that its infrastructures and services comply with international standards and best practices. This recognition of our expertise serves to increase the trust between OVH and its customers and partners.
    • PCI DSS Certification
    • ISO/IEC 27001 certification
    • SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II certifications
    • STAR self-assessment - Cloud Security Alliance
    • OVH Cloud recognised by VMware
    • Best of IT innovation award 2014