Flexible web hosting control panel

ISPmanager Lite

ISPmanager Lite lets you easily manage your personal server and maintain websites.
  • Web-Server Management
    Quickly set up and manage web-servers. Install popular CMS and create sites.
  • Mailboxes
    Create mailboxes, configure aliases and set up mail spam filters.
  • Users
    Create and manage accounts, set limits, and grant different permissions.
  • Domains
    Create and manage web domains. Install SSL certificates on them.
  • Files
    Manage files and FTP users via panel. Set permissions on files & directories.
  • Backups
    Schedule backups to external storage with automatic backup system.
  • Security
    Install SSL certificates on web-servers domains. Manage Firewall.
  • Databases
    Easily create and store databases. Manage user access limits.
  • DNS
    Easily create domain zones and edit domain records.
  • PHP Versions
    Set various PHP versions for different domains using built-in PHP-selector.
  • Branding
    Add your own corporate logo, change colours of panel and website’s link.
  • Website builder
    The easiest way to build a website directly from ISPmanager 5.

ISPmanager Business

ISPmanager Business gives you ability to provide and resell shared hosting services.
  • Server Roles
    Assign various roles to different nodes: web, database, mail and other.
  • Statistics
    Track server’s resource usage statistics and diagnose log file issues.
  • Advanced Limits
    Set advanced limits for users/user templates.
  • Multiple servers management
    Manage multiple servers (nodes) from a single web-interface.
  • Reselling Functions
    Turns your dedicated server or VPS into a scalable business opportunity.
  • Users Allocation
    Allocate users between cluster nodes according to rules you setup.