Do you want to sell your domain name?

The most simple and easy process! Log into your account and select the domain you want to auction. Watch onlinethe progress of your domain’s auction through your account’s control panel.

Sell ​​domains
  • Without commission! does not charge fees, neither does it get commissions and it does not interfere in financial transactions between the seller and the buyer. These transactions fall exclusively under their responsibility. Europlanet, as an official registrar, needs to charge only the transfer fee in case such an act is requested.

  • Domain registration and management with easy steps through the control panel!

    You log into your account through the control panel.You easily choose the domain you wish to put in the auction.Fill in the desired price in the relevant field.If you leave the field without a price, then it will appear in the list without a certain price, so interested parties will be able to make their own bid. If there is a price, then interested parties will be able to express their interest does not intervene in the transaction. Interested parties (sellers/buyers) contact each other directly.Each interested party’s request is recorded in the control panel, in the account. You thus have online the entire history of the auction progress for each of your domains individually.

  • In the lowest possible prices!

    The service is completely free for users in the Pro category .Otherwise, the cost for entering a domain in the list for sale is 4€ + VAT for a 12-month period.