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For the first time, easy.gr shares and transmits all of its experience and expertise to the official, internet domain name registrars in an attempt for fair competition and unity, having understood market needs and supporting the new requirements and conditions imposed to official registrars by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission.

WHMCS Module uses all necessary EPP commands to connect to the .GR Registry using your own data delivered to you by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission and the .GR Registry

This way, easy.gr and Europlanet are not visible on any document and in no transaction carried out between us and the Registry. The automation of processes gives you the freedom to develop your business activities effortlessly, easily and instantly.

To make use of the module, you don’t need to have a tab at easy.gr. The module supports the registration of domains with .gr extensions only, as different connection requirements apply to other Registries.

If you're already a partner with another international Registry, then we can create your own connection module with that Registry, so that your customers can register and edit domains with this specific extension.

If you wish to cooperate with our company as a reseller for the Domains of the remaining groups (.eu, .com), then you will have to use additional plug-ins, as well as the reseller WHMCS module.

The need for continuous development of the module, so that it is compliant with the respective changes imposed by the Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission, renders the module’s maintenance necessary. Thus, apart from the purchase cost, there is also an annual maintenance cost that serves exactly these needs.

More specifically:
Purchase cost 150 € +  VAT
Installation cost (optional): FREE

Optional annual maintenance cost: 120€ + 23% VAT

Do not hesitate to contact us so that one of our experienced colleagues gives you all necessary instructions.

WHMCS Registrar Module
€12,50 discount 20%
1 year €150,00
2 years €240,00
3 years €420,00
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